We aim to make our technical writing clear, understandable and informative.
Excellent work deserves to be pleasurable to read and easily understood.

TechScribe, the text of tomorrows technology. Great writing is part formula, part art. The formula is to determine the audience, seek what they desire and relate the subject to that. The art is for the writing to be persuasive and interesting. The reader must want to read, no matter what the subject is.

Technical Specifications

A technical specification is an important link between great work and your client. Having a clear concise document to be the guide for your project is an important pillar for a successful project and an ecstatic client. We can help build that guide with great layouts and helpful information.

Grant Writing

Grants can be a great boost to your business. Whether they are from the government or private enterprise grants are an important part of the mix. It can take a winning idea to get a grant, however the idea will only be successful with winning words. We also have the financial knowhow to assist with the financial, costing and budgeting aspects of grant writing.


Proposals are the art and science of achieving complicated sales. A great proposal will cast a spell on the mind and dispel the complexity. If lucrative and complicated sales have been out of your reach we can help provide the essential building block to achieving them.

Press Release

Snappy Press Releases, need to be snappy. A well written Press Release can get your story into the articles to reach the audience that you need. We will help you to find the audience that you need, the journalists who write for that audience and the right message to get you noticed.

Business Plans

A good business plan will provide direction and planning for your business. A great business plan could transform what you set out to do in life. We can help you write down the goals that you striving and formulate an actionable plan to achieve them.  We can also assist with the budgetary and financial forecasting

White Paper

A white paper is an essential tool to create a logical argument in favour of your product or service. We excel at forming a white paper around the facts to build logical and persuasive arguments.  A truly great white paper not only provides credibility but builds momentum.